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Don't wait until a tender hits the street, get your business Defence ready now!  SMEs WANTED.........

Ready, Set, Go

Do you have products or services that could be used by the Australian Defence Force?


The government has committed to increasing the amount of work and local content provided by Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  While there are huge opportunities available in the Defence Industry sector, don't be fooled into thinking the work will be handed out on a "silver platter"!


If you believe you have what it takes to supply goods and services into Defence, then get your business Defence Ready and understand that the time taken to get the contracts may be long and drawn out BUT the results are certainly worth the efforts.


We have been involved in Defence for over 42 years, both in uniform and in "civvy street".  We have experienced the highs and lows of working within the Defence Industry, so who better to provide you with support.


Defence and Defence Industry have established organisations designed to assist Australian SMEs to become involved.  A list of these organisations include but are not limited to include:


Defence is interested in ensuring any engagement with an SME is at a reduced level of risk. 


While it is not always a requirement of a Defence contract, having a 3rd party certified Quality Management system will help Defence assessors decide if they are prepared to take a risk with you and your business.  We have partnered with Quality Management Australia to assist you in achieving certification in a minimal time (generally less then 3 months) and put your company at the head of the "pack".

Want to learn from a company that has "been there and done that"?
Need to get Defence Ready and don't know where to start?
Get in contact today!

Our partners assist businesses to get Defence ready through innovative approaches to business improvement

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