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Would you like to gain experience in Defence related activities?

Study Hard, be Job Ready

At the moment there is a significant shortage of qualified, skilled and security cleared personnel to fill the ever increasing roles within Defence.  We recognise that as the population ages and personnel move into more senior roles within Defence this shortage is not going to end in the near future.

We have always been committed to developing the youth in our community and will continue to partner with universities, secondary schools (particularly with an aviation stream) and Defence primes to develop programs supporting the development of Defence related skills.

If you are a student (in university or secondary school), an educator or a talent manager at a prime and would like to develop a relationship and become more involved in our careers pathway activities, please click on the button below.

Want to learn how you can gain Defence Industry experience while you are still studying at University or Secondary School?
Get in contact today!

We partner with schools, universities and Defence Primes to get students on a career pathway into Defence.

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